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DELTA TESOL Certificate

For ESL teachers who already have their CELTA TESOL Certificate and have had substantial classroom experience, the Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching (DELTA) is the next step in moving your career forward. The DELTA is a higher qualification that helps teachers expand their understanding of the principles and practice of ESL education while applying them to their recent experiences in their professional lives.



Teachers pursue a DELTA qualification for a range of reasons:

  • to be better language teachers
  • to advance their careers in ESL education by opening new doors to better jobs and better pay
  • to move into educational management, like a Director of Studies position
  • to become teacher trainers on courses such as the CELTA or the TKT.

The decision to pursue a DELTA TESOL demonstrates one's commitment to a career in ESL, and involves an extremely intensive set of modules. The first module covers the background of ESL education, and involves studying theory, methodology, approaches to learning, and specific linguistic and language issues. The second module focuses on developing professional practice. It assesses the teacher's knowledge of lesson planning and preparation through a coursework portfolio and an observed lesson. Finally, the third module goes over classroom management, which requires research into specialized areas of English language teaching, covers course and syllabus design, and is assessed through a written assignment.

In total, the DELTA TESOL requires a commitment of full-time class time (which can be done in 5 weeks for the intensive course, but may be spread out over a longer period of time for an extensive part-time course), and involves outside classroom time for written assignments, observed teaching practice and preparation for the end-of-course exam.

During the course, DELTA TESOL trainees teach a number of lessons to a range of classes and language levels. Each lesson is observed by one of our University of Cambridge-approved trainers, who provide trainees with both oral and written feedback on each lesson.

Each day also includes seminars, lectures, and workshops called "input sessions." These sessions are more comprehensive and cover a greater range of topics in much greater depth than was provided on the CELTA TESOL course. The DELTA provides more of a theoretical focus on effective methods to teach language skills, grammar and vocabulary, as well as innovative methods for adapting course book materials and using authentic materials in the classroom. There are also in-depth sessions on discourse analysis, student motivation, a wide variety of methodologies and classroom practice.

DELTA TESOL graduates also get career and job search assistance. What sets Teaching House apart from many other DELTA centers is that we continue to provide professional help to our trainee teachers even after they've completed the course. We give lifelong career assistance and access to Teaching House resources to all our trainees.


To apply for a DELTA TESOL, you must have at least 2 years of full-time experience teaching English to adults of different levels. You must also have a CELTA TESOL qualification. If you are a non-native speaker of English, you must have a standard of English with which you can teach a range of levels, including advanced English students. There is a maximum of 6 trainees in each teaching practice group.

For further information about the DELTA TESOL course, go to the website of our teacher training department - Teaching House


DELTA = Diploma in English Langauge Teaching
TESOL = Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEFL = Teach English as a Foreign Language
ESL = English as a Second Language

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"This course was worth more than all the money I spent for my undergraduate degree. I recommend this program for anyone considering a Master's program in TESOL or interested in teaching English abroad. The program will reshape your thinking on many levels. Move past the price for tuition and start filling out the application!"

Lewis, January 2009

"Anyone thinking of advancing his or her career in education should take this course. The course provides essential teaching skills and methodologies as well as ample practice and positive criticism."

Sharon, May 2009