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Study English in New York - Live the Dream!

Possibly the most recognizable and most frequently filmed city in the world, New York City has put itself on the map as the young, dynamic trend-setting capital of the world. People come to Study English in Manhattan from all over the world and they are inspired by the energy that drives New York's innovation in dance, music, art, film, theater, technology, photography, education, the culinary arts and much more.

As a student at IH New York in the center of Manhattan, you will be much more than just a tourist or a language student. You'll have the chance to live the life of a New Yorker, interacting with real-life New Yorkers while rapidly improving your English at IH. When you Study English at IH New York, your classes are designed specifically to not only bring New York life into the classroom, but to bring you out into the New York experience. Greatly increase your English Language Skills both inside and outside the classroom as you grow to understand what makes New York such a unique place to live.

The list of visual attractions in New York is endless, spanning from architectural triumphs such as the Empire State Building to breathtaking natural expanses like Central Park and the Hudson River. New York doesn't just offer the experience of being a speck on the most famous city skyline in the world, it offers the chance to experience all that makes New York an attraction - the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and cultures that bring New York to life for all its visitors and inhabitants.

Study English at IH New York and experience the real New York!

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"What a great city! There are so many different cultures, restaurants, concerts, museums and things to do!"

Andrée, March 2009

Studying at IH New York allows you the benefits of learning English at a world-class university campus with modern, spacious classrooms while also being able to take advantage of being based in one of Manhattan's most desirable neighborhoods!

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