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Language Courses

New York City is the cultural capital of the United States, and it's also an important international center, largely due to its rapidly expanding immigrant population. In a short walk, you can hear dozens of languages being spoken simultaneously all over the city from Brooklyn to the Bronx and from Manhattan to Queens.

To take advantage of our rich and diverse surroundings, IH New York have collaborated with Cactus Language to offer Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, all taught by native language speakers at IH New York. Whether you wish to improve your Spanish before traveling abroad or start learning basic Chinese for work, our classes provide an interactive and intimate setting to help you develop your language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

We are also able to set up language teaching programs for businesses. If you are a busy employee who needs to learn a new language or improve your communication skills in another language, whether it's to travel for work, to communicate better with non-English-speaking clients or to improve inter-company communication, our language courses are perfect for you!


Our courses are group classes acknowledging individual student needs. The content is designed to promote maximum communication and fluency practice while also teaching skills, vocabulary and grammar. Our teachers use a 'student-centered' approach to language teaching, providing a communicative, engaging and fun environment for language development.

You will learn the key grammar of the language as well as essential vocabulary. Courses also cover practice in all four skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing; however, you will find that there is a great deal of focus on speaking and listening, in order to boost your ability to communicate effectively. Teachers only use the target language, activities are communicative, and the language learned is relevant to you and your life.

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"I learned a huge amount and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the experience."

Jonny, May 2009

IH New York was founded by two teachers who believe in upholding the highest standards of excellence in language teaching and teacher training. We believe in providing our students with nothing less than the very best language education available.

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